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La Buona Base. This is the name by which we are involved and we promise to honor at all times. As main priorities, we have the quality of our pizza crusts, customer satisfaction and gastronomic enjoyment of the consumer. Therefore, drawing on years of experience behind us in Italian cuisine, we decided to create a range of products that bring traditional pizzas and quality service to all cooks, and of course, your guests.

We work every day to make your dishes are a treat for the senses.

Comida italiana
Italian training

Our Italian origin and our passion for haute cuisine, have allowed us to learn for years the best dishes of Italian food. Thanks to this training, which remains constant, we have been able to research and develop our own recipes.The pizza bases are our main challenge, as we believe that, like everything in life, this dish should also be based on a good foundation. Each base is different. In La Buona Base we have selected our traditional tastier to put at your disposal a high quality product recipes.

A good ground is essential!

Masa de pizza
Our value proposition

Have you ever wondered why two pizzas with similar ingredients taste so different? We give you the answer: the base makes the difference. We are convinced of this and therefore we want to offer a mass of quality, healthy and, above all, delicious. The frozen masses La Buona Base offer a better product preservation without losing quality. Plus you'll have the letter we have done to make this easier to focus your restaurant. Your pizzas that will highlight the distinctive flavor that brings the traditional Italian pasta.
Diners will appreciate it!

Our products

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La buona base, produces the best base for pizza. The result: a delicious pizza. We work with traditional Italian recipes. Tasty, authentic and handmade one by one. Your restaurant will become an authentic Italian trattoria.
Frozen for consistency and quality. Provides the authenticity, quality and softness of a fresh baked product Can be used straight from frozen. A perfect solution for any skill level. Delivers an average of great % gross profit.
Look at the finished pizzas on our menu.


C. Rafael Garcia Vidal, 3
Alicante, Comunidad Valenciana, España.


Business Manager : Pasquale Manni.

965040324 - 615594093

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